[Cid wakes Joe as he sits watch outside the house, he sneaks Joe into the house]

Cid: Tell me if you hear her coming.

[in the kitchen, Cid has pulled apart a collection of his toys

and is rewiring them into a makeshift communication device]

Joe: What are we doing here?

Cid: Communication.

[he shows Joe the signal]

Cid: But I need to make it stronger.

Joe: And how do we do that?

Cid: Bigger battery.

Joe: Smart.

Cid: Do you kill people?

Joe: Uh…let’s say I kill people.

Cid: With your gun?

Joe: Uh-huh. What you want a gun like mine?

Cid: Yeah.

Joe: What are you gonna do with it? Pole vaulting? It’s bigger than you.

Cid: Stop bad things from happening.